Past The Sun

Past the Sun

Not talking about an issue

Is not a form of peace

Like removing a dogs cage

Putting him on a leash

The inner battle still rages

Causing our souls unrest

Peace comes from God

Not something we request

Peace is about fulfillment

Getting back to God’s way

Not who will blink first

Or other childish games we play

It’s about clearing the air

Creating our way known

Making the most of the seeds

That we have sown

It emits light on others

Not on our physical being

It’s God given love

The biggest blessings ever seen

Quiet is not peace

Peace isn’t always quiet

Like sending a child to time out

In the middle of a riot

Peace is balancement

Neither here no there

Acknowledgment that our God

He is everywhere

Peace is not a part

It actually makes you whole

It makes you successful

More than you really know

It beauty from within

For the beauty from with out

Is temporary at best

Of that I have no doubt

Peace is taking your inner joy

Spreading throughout the world

It’s the sign that God exists

While holding your baby girl

It’s the inner smile we have

Truth seeping out

God’s divine secret

The one you have to shout

It’s the reason we spread the WORD

We’re overcome with hope

It’s the inner love found

Through God’s telescope

We can see it from afar

No need to be up close

We send messages from God

The role in which we chose

Even in writing this poem

From God’s heart to your ear

I’m sending peace to you now

I hope that you can hear

Don’t silence yourself for God

Learn to gently speak your mind

We just need to be more loving

Participate in your life

In a final verse I must say

For whatever it is worth

I will love you everyday

I have left here on this earth

I wish you peace forever

And when forever is done

I will wish you peace again

In God’s house past the sun


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