We Will Meet Again

We Will Meet Again

I’m smiling now

Didn’t think I would

After the pain I felt

Wasn’t sure I could

I’m smiling because

I was nothing but true

Truthful to my God

And my love for you

I’m smiling now because

I know I’m not weak

The purest part of us

Just ran down my cheek

I’m smiling because God

Has shown me the light

That I can mourn what was

But I will be alright

Because the past is the past

It all is for a reason

Our time has gone

We all have our season

I’m smiling not because

I wish you any ill will

I’m smiling because like God

I do love you still

I’m smiling because

You have found your true place

I’m smiling because

I have found God’s grace

I’m smiling because

Even though when it rains it pours

I realize when God shuts windows

He also opens up doors

I’m smiling at last because

I have a message to be received

It is founded by God’s love

For those who are in need

So I wish you all the best

Hoping you find peace

Please don’t worry about me

My heart it is at ease

The Lord is my shepherd

He will lead my way

Helping to help those souls

Who have been led astray

So peace and blessings upon you

Know my love will always remain

Insha Allah (God willing) one day

We will meet again


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