Eternal Day of Peace

Eternal Day of Peace

Calling to all people

From as far west as east

I’m declaring today

My eternal day of peace

Laugh if you must

But all jokes aside

For one entire day

Lay down your pride

Seek only the goodness

We were given since birth

No snappy remarks about bias

Or what we each are worth

No debates about religion

Or who God listens to

Set aside your indifference

Yes, I’m talking to you

One day isn’t much, considering

The years we spend at war

Lay down your weapons

Your internal samurai swords

Love your neighbors often

Just simply by saying Hi

Be courteous at the grocery store

To people passing by

If you see trash on the street

Slow down…pick it up

Remind our children to be kind

I have had enough

Enough about separation

Enough news about death

Enough worry about the children

So few of them left

Enough rules of isolation

Enough about character flaws

Enough racial discrimination

Who makes these laws?

Just a twenty four hour period

We waste that in a week

To do onto others

As we pass them on the streets

If you can find no words

A simple smile and nod

Can brighten up the day

A clear message from Our God

Every thing will be alright

We will all be okay

If we start attempting peace

If only for a day

For days turn into weeks

Weeks turn into years

When we can recognize our hate

Is unrealistic fear

Fear of the unknown

Fear of reaching out

Fear of loving too much

The beautiful things we doubt

So on my day of peace

I will shout up to Him

It’s only for a day

But we acted more like friends

Maybe after all is said

And all is done

We can do it more often

Real battles to be won

So join me one and all

Let’s put the world at ease

Beginning with today

And My Eternal Day of Peace


10 thoughts on “Eternal Day of Peace”

    1. Thank you for your kind comments. Aurora is a blessing to us all here at wordpress…I always appreciate her kindness. I’m so glad you enjoyed the piece…and hope to see you often

      Peace and blessings to you

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