In Your Eyes

In Your Eyes

If you want the world to change

Start doing a different thing

Love instead of hating

Seek sunshine even when it rains

Our expectations have lowered

For ourselves and others too

Basically we get what we deserve

When evil comes from you

Evil isn’t always horned with fangs

Or a black cloak covering our heads

It can be a sweet beautiful woman

So don’t be misled

We have created images of strangers

Which are gruesome and scary

But the darkness comes from inside

So my loves please be wary

Sometimes the most dangerous people

Are hidden in clear sight

Giving a false impression of security

Saying everything is alright

Understand this thing today

Our preconceived notions in our mind

Can be the evil we encourage

When we leave God behind

When we think we know everything

When we make judgments about man

When we brutalize people

When stop trying to understand

A man cannot represent an entire

Group and its thoughts

For only God has that power

I think we forgot

If there is one great race

It has nothing to do with our skin

But we feed into that evil

It’s why we never do win

It’s why we are killing each other

Making excuses for our ignorant ways

Forgetting God created my look

I was meant to be this way

How dare we decide we are better

Because they are different than we

As if we created ANYTHING

Making it hard just being me

I am not a race of skin color

I am not a religion of debate

But I am a child of God

It is how I was made

You have no right to end my life

Because my look has you in arms

You have no right to place a hand on me

Assuming I may do you harm

For I am highly favored

My Creator walks with me

I will never be all the things

You may need me to be

So tonight while you walk

Trying to make yourself feel safe

Remember when you judge me

It’s God’s heart that you break

For among other things

I celebrate the path of my Lord

It is my only purpose

What He created me for

Save your bullets and hate

It’s wasted on my demise

Those actions aren’t of my God

That cannot be disguised

Share hope and spread joy

Send love through the sky

By allowing the grace of God

To shine in your eyes

 **We MUST stop the violence…**


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