It Would Be Nice…

It Would Be Nice…

It would be nice if
Our children never had to know
The evils that men do
The hate that still grows

It would be nice if tonight
When I tucked my daughter into bed
That all the children in the world
Will at least tonight be fed

It would be nice if
Good intentions…though they be late
Could bring back the lost lives
Wouldn’t that be great?

It would be nice if a hood
Wasn’t an excuse for a crime
If we could once just do what is right
For all of mankind

It would be nice if we
Saw the being we are within
Instead of being caught up
In the color of our skin

It would be nice if you didn’t need
To know exactly what I am
To decide I am good enough
And you could reach out for my hand

It would be nice if my religion
Which should not matter to you
Didn’t give you a reason to judge me
Something we know we shouldn’t do

It would be nice if we didn’t
Cast homeless people aside
If we became more humble
Set down our foolish pride

It would be nice if people didn’t think
My wishes are foolish things
But know they are my hope
Of what the love of God can bring

There are simply very few words
Which will make this more clear
We are killing our children
Our only reason for being here

We are breeding hate daily
Teaching children to do the same
Yet shaking our heads because
Some are better at this game

We speak out against violence
Yet walk around with guns
Every time we think it’s over
A new war has begun

How many children must we lose
Wrong place wrong time
Trayvon could have been your son
He could have been mine

We cannot hide behind a reason
Or hide behind a race
He was a child and was killed
What sense does that make?

No child deserves to feel the roar
That hate tends to scream
They are dying far too soon
Do you know what this means?

By killing a person we
Have fueled an angry old debate
Putting man against man
Breeding further reasons to hate

But I am telling you this now
I have said it before
If we want to make a change
WE must scream…NO MORE

No more children shot down
No more innocence lost to abuse
No more excuses or reasoning
For killing off our youth

Honestly, I must tell you
I don’t care about the color of your skin
And until you feel the same
We are never going to win

If we do not start healing wounds
Which are so very deep
We will never reach Heaven
A debt far too steep

The penalties for hate are large
Lets turn to Him on High
It would be nice if for just once
We really gave it a try

 **A portion of the proceeds from our poetry book “The Light of Our Path” will be donated to the Atlanta Children’s Shelter, Inc


13 thoughts on “It Would Be Nice…”

  1. It would! I only hope that by visualising such an end together, collectively we can bring about change for the positive…poignant piece! Well voiced, we are all equal, the only division we allow is that which we create ourselves! 🙂

  2. The terror of these crimes is that they are meaningless and senseless. If only we could accept people for who they are without making snap judgments and forming conclusions that are so dreadful in their consequences. Your poem reminds us of our responsibility to stay vigilant against hate and when it rears its ugly head we must take measures to stem its spreading.

    1. We must take responsibility for ourselves and our actions…and until we do we will continue to make the same mistakes. I appreciate your comments, thank you for taking the time.

      I wish you much peace

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