Our Creator’s Hand

Our Creators Hand

The thing about reflections
Is no matter who you are
You are always hoping
That we can all see more

More than the obvious
But not to an extreme
Our hopes for the future
Our eternal dreams

Can we start looking past a race
Or accent which is strong
Can we come face to face as brothers
Where we have always belonged

Can we accept each others weaknesses
Will we join together as one
Can we hold hands harmoniously
Before the day is done

When you see me will you
Decide who I really am
And if another judges me
Will you stand by me…make a stand

Can we look off toward Heaven
As the destination of our path
Or will we wage war on each other
Remaking errors from our past

When will we learn that we
Are being tested every day
To prove to God we are ready
And are moving in His way

Once we can look past our differences
And can start moving toward the light
Our futures will seem less dim
And children’s will be more bright

For bias and prejudice has no place
In His royal home
No boundaries of country hood
Used for a war zone

The skies belong to no one
Yet man does as he is prone
Setting up times and boundaries
Ridiculous no fly zones

Look at who you are
See who you want to be
Embrace our Father
Face Him humbly

Admit you made mistakes
Guess what…He already knew
Errors build our character
Now lets talk about the truth

The truth is that God
Will always set you free
This is how it was
And forever it will be

But you must release ideas
Which man has ever touched
Guilt…nor pride…nor greed
Have never taught us much

Use this day of celebration
To forgive our fellow man
And feel the constant flow of love
From our Creators hand


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