Be nice to your elders

Open their doors

No if’s and’s or buts

Don’t make me tell you anymore

Play nice with your friends

Stop calling her names

Look, you made her cry

You should be ashamed

Stop, we don’t hit

Use your indoor voice

I don’t want to spank you

But you’re giving me no choice

Where did you hear such a word

Go to time out

I can’t believe the words

That came from your mouth

Do not tell a lie

Always speak the truth

Be a good girl and boy

What is the use?

If I get one more call

From a teacher from school

Telling about how you

Continually break the rules

Where did you ever learn

To be so obscene

What? From me?

What do you mean


We are old enough to view

The things that you say

And the things that you do

I hear you gossip

About the lady in town

Who talks to herself

After her little boy drowned

I hear you say bad words

To people when we’re in the car

Saying …go back to your country

While picking dad up at the bar

I’m not sure what gay is

But one night when I was in bed

I heard you say they were

Better off dead

Once you said the “N” word

It shook my insides

It was after you told me

I had to be nice

I love you both

You know it’s true

But is it my fault

If I’m just like you?

As for the girl that I hit

Real hard on the arm

Dad, you remember

Like the way you hit mom

At that moment

My mother did cry

What have we done

How… why

Why do we blame our children

For the things that they say

When they hear us say similar things


Do as I say and not as I do

Can corrupt our youth

Shouldn’t we check ourselves

Start looking for the TRUTH

Children are not little adults

They are our path of love

It is our job to protect and guide

These gifts from above

When you next point a finger at a child

While judgmentally shaking your head

Perhaps you should glance at a mirror

At yourself instead

For God’s law says love

While man’s law says hate

Let’s reap what we sow

Before it’s too late

**IN trying to do our part we are donating a portion of the proceeds of our book “The Light of Our Path” to the Atlanta Children’s Shelter, Inc.**


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