God Will Lead the Way

God Will Lead The Way

Find reasons to love one another

For when our hearts do touch

It brings us closer to God’s kingdom

And those who have meant so much

Love it is a free gift

We have had it yet from birth

It increases our smiles…

Lifts our hearts…doubles our self worth

It can stop wars and stop pain

It can remind us who we really are

It can move mountains…create bonds

Even begin healing scars

Do not think your broken heart

Is the beginning of the end

It’s only part of a story

Because your heart needs to mend

It needs to remember that in adversity

The strength grows by leaps and bounds

Don’t be fooled by the test of your will

You have strength yet to be found

Smile sweet angel…your journey

Although it has been steep

Will be worth the effort

The shepherd watches His sheep

You may feel alone in that instant

And the moment may seem so long

But God will and is always right

Anything else is always wrong

He knows your frustration is large

And your hope may at times feel weak

But He knows your deepest sadness

Even the one dripping down your cheek

Don’t give up on love I beg you

Keep The Savior in your heart

For it has been His love which kept you going

And has been so from the start

Smile my blessed beauty for a smile

Can light up the hope of man

Know God will give you angels

Just reach out for their hands

Don’t be fooled into believing

God has walked away

For your path is lined with blessings

And God will lead the way

 ** We are sharing this poem with our great friends at D’verse Poets and their open link night. Every Tuesday at 3pm est we are blessed to share beautiful prose with beautiful souls. I hope you can join us!! 


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