A Polished Rock

A Polished Rock

What sadness it brings to our lives

That we must bring into the light

When guardians of the children

Are dimming a life so bright

An unexplained bruise today

Before it was her eye

Protecting the evil in their home

That ignorance can’t deny

How can the protectors of these lambs

Become the evil that we rue

Who will protect the children

What on earth shall we do?

Children without water

Kids with nothing to eat

Girls being molested

Boys being beat

Scars so deep that when

The skin has done its best to heal

It has devastated those sweet hearts

They’ve forgotten how to feel

Who will step to the plate

Speak against the foulest life

When the sharpness of a tongue

Cuts deeper than a knife

For when silent cries for help

Fall upon deafened ears

Little lives are destroyed

It happens too much here

Children are God’s gift to us

To love and to protect

Why is keeping children safe

Too much for us to expect

Watch over God’s biggest blessing

With everything you’ve got

Or our empty apologies will be made

To a name on a polished rock

~~ We MUST  put an end to child abuse~~

In an effort to do our part we are donating a portion of the proceeds of our book “The Light of Our Path” to the Atlanta Children’s Shelter, Inc.


7 thoughts on “A Polished Rock”

  1. What an awe inspiring write. A subject too close to my own heart but embraced with gusto. Let us all help protect those who cannot protect themselves, especially the little children. Anyone harms my tinks [thats her in the pic] I would not think life worth living until I had found my own justice.

    Best of luck with your fundraising, its a great cause.

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