I Thank You

Though it may not have been your intention
May not have been your goal
You helped create in me
More strength than you’ll ever know

It may seem odd that I thank you
For it was my body that you frayed
But it helped my soul survive
I finally found my way

For if I had not survived your anger
Outlived your violent rage
I would have never known
The love I’ve found today

I found the love of me
I am surrounded by love of self
No longer setting myself aside
Putting my needs on a shelf

You helped me realize
What I did not need
I never had your love
Your heart was filled with greed

You had to control me
Shadow me from beings more bright
While my focus was dimmed
My heart has found the light

Yes, I have found my way
My true ordained path
Higher elevation
And my soul is able to get past

I’ve gotten past the scars
Meant by your angry blows
Rising above the fear of
Bruises and broken bones

Now I’m all about thanks
But don’t get that wrong
It really isn’t because of you
That I’m singing a different song

But the fact that is here
And will always be
I…love God
And guess what…He loves me

He loves me no matter what
You ever tried to take with force
He loves me…for me
And that keeps me on my course

While you may have thought
You were breaking me down
It is when you are at your lowest
That you start looking around

Looking around at the gift of life
At all our Creator has done
And while you think I was defeated
That you had really won

It was at my lowest when
My spirit was lifted up
While you had the smug look
You thought you had won

But defeat was never possible
I’m loved higher than you have been
You may think I lost
But with God…I always win

Now I can reach others
My true and destined path
And you are a faint memory
A grim and ugly past

So I found my strength
More than my life ever knew
For your anger pointed me to God
So today…I thank you

** I hope you will all join me at d’verse poets pub every Tuesday at 3pm est for open link night**

Also…domestic violence is not what any woman would choose …if you know someone who is being abused…reach out…step up


10 thoughts on “I Thank You”

  1. ugh this is several verses dealing with domestic violence tonight…i am sorry anyone has to go through it…it is not right but i do like that you look at the positive in what you learned through it…what you realized you did not need..and in learning to love yourself…

  2. I particularly like the message at the end. Domestic violence is devastating … shouldn’t happen. Too often goes unspoken, unrecognized, ignored by “authorities”. XO m

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