Small Stuff

Small Stuff

If we began remembering the little
So called lessons of our time
The larger catastrophic things
Would fall right in line

Everything would be in its place
No time would then be spent
Wasted on “maybe’s” and fears
Of unforeseen events

For the large things become smaller
When we take away their glory
When we concentrate on the small stuff
It’s a whole different story

Miniature smiles on faces so sweet
Become pots if gold to those we meet
The larger debt we may never spend
Becomes a quiet lunch with a friend

When the large stuff seems smaller
Small stuff it grows
When did we forget the power
Of the scent of a rose

When did a walk in the park
Begin to seem so boring
We fell asleep in life
Never heard the snoring

Wake up and notice
Love is in the air
In case you forgot
…it was always there

The soft feel of a feather
As it brushes your skin
Reminding us of strength
We all have within

Feather and strength…
You may not get the sight
But how does a soft feather
Help an eagle take flight

See…it’s the small things
That makes life worthwhile
Never underestimate the power
Of a beautiful smile

Great nations were built
On a simple notion
With God all is possible
…with True devotion

So when we look around and feel
We have been slighted
Remember the little things
That kept us delighted

A baby’s first smile
A child’s first lost tooth
The knowledge that God
Is always the Truth

Don’t get lost in the moment
Because hasty moments are brief
It can feel like our souls
Will never find relief

But relief is only
A prayer away
So let’s hold onto
Small stuff today


11 thoughts on “Small Stuff”

  1. LOVE THIS. ABSOLUTELY TRUE. Small things, and small kindnesses are beautiful and life sustaining. Thank you for this. xo melissa

  2. The small things do indeed uphold the entire edifice, if only could find it in ourselves to swallow pride or desires for bigger things. Even when it comes to seeing the smaller things, we see how much is built on misconceptions and prejudices, because we’d rather see something bigger rather than the small details that make people who they are. Thank you for reminding me to remain aware of these things.

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