He Lifted Her Away

He Lifted Her Away

I watched as she left that day

I had often wondered where she went

To meet her lifelong friend

Every afternoon she had spent

Talking and laughing as

Young women often do

So I decided to follow

I wanted to join in too

She walked and walked

As I followed behind

She seemed to go forever

But she didn’t seem to mind

She finally stopped under

A huge old oak tree

As I hid and just listened

So she could not see

She laughed and talked

And spoke of remember when’s

Talking so much

That no one could jump in

And as the day slowly passed by

As the sun slowly began to set

She spoke of things which

I hadn’t heard about yet

I could hear her softly sobbing

As she began her next phrase

She began apologizing

I was truly amazed

She spoke of being sorry

For not listening when told

Of the way he hit her

How he had grown so bold

It’s not that I didn’t believe you

Or that I thought of you less

But I know now it was serious

I no longer have to guess


She spoke so quickly I thought

There was no time for response

She went talking about needs

And the things that she wants

I wasn’t a good friend then

We both know it’s true

I wished it had been different

I would know what to do


As I walked closer to reach

For her trembling hand

It all became clear

I finally understand

For this day like everyday

When she goes to spend time

It’s like turning back a page

Living in rewind

This one sided conversation

Had no choice from the start

For her friends name was written

On a polished rock

When she saw me she smiled

No one should have had to live this way

So God came and carried

And He lifted her away

**As a personal note…there are too many women who live with this everyday. Let us not add insult to injury by not stepping up on their behalf. **

Peace to you all



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