All of Mankind

All of Mankind

I know love thy neighbor

I remember to love God’s creation

However in my reading I didn’t see

Which was the better nation

I didn’t come across in scripture

Of any Holy book writing

Where God said Go ahead

I don’t mind the fighting


But it must be written somewhere

Someone had to say it was okay

To be the divine judge and jury

Of living our life this way

But what if I told you

In all the truths you may find

That an eye for an eye

Will just make all of us blind

It will keep us from seeing

What is right in our face

To love and be kind

Relying on our Lord’s grace

Killing is wrong no matter

Who is doing the act

Justice is not revenge

Don’t distort the facts

A kill for a kill will only

Make a cemetery over crowded

It should have never started

Why have we allowed it

We have stepped away from the way

We were told to live or lives

It’s not about the biggest weapon

Or only the strong will survive

Anger is hard to step away from

The darkness can be enticing

But step away we must try

Evil can seem inviting

The enemy is not found

In the hearts of any man

But the temptation of hate

Can be hard to understand

It grows without water

It spreads like a disease

It can make us think God

Is the last thing we need

We know Evil asked God

If he had permission to test

The will of man…god said

Give it your best


So the emptiness we feel

The anger that boils hot

Is about Evil testing our faith

Taking its best shot

After all we would never tell

Our kids kill people as they sleep

Becoming a wolf on the prowl

Hunting down sheep

But it happens and did

And as the world was shocked

Evil smirked and bellowed

See God…they forgot


They forgot that your love

Could see them straight through

Any adversity their way

Turning their back on you


However our loving Creator

Sprinkled the air with hope

Saying ~ careful Evil you’re

On a very thin rope


For my creation was built

In the likeness of me

And while they might stumble

They will soon see


They will seek forgiveness

They will search for peace

I know their hearts

I feel at ease


While peace may not be easy

And easy is rarely right

Know that strength is not found

In he who continues the fight

The victor in this difficult life

Is never ever found

In the number of fired weapons

Or munitions on the ground

For we will be judged by our acts

And the choices that we bade

The people which we helped

Not the enemies we made

Humanity begins when we

Fail to let Evil fill our minds

And start creating bridges

For all of mankind

 ***I hope you get a chance to join me at Dversepoets for their open link Tuesday at 3pm est

On a more personal note…I do pray that Our Creator guides us towards peace


5 thoughts on “All of Mankind”

  1. lots of sad truth in this one…where is the love…we have confused dominion with destruction and love for ourselves…and that is where we are right now…can it change…i have hope but….

  2. Sweetie…that is awesome. I loved it. You know they forget about the creator, but killing is wrong. Even if people have different faiths your message is clear, killing is wrong, all the way around and you say it wonderfully. It grows without water and spreads like disease, amen. Get back to basics….don’t kill, don’t hate.

    1. I think my message about not killing is always the same. It is and has always been wrong…we only try and justify it in our minds.We must find a way to remember the love we were all created with…or we are doomed to destroy ourselves.
      I am always glad when you take the time to comment…it is much appreciated

      I wish you much Peace and Abundant Blessings

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