God Will Meet You There

God Will Meet You There


I remember like it was yesterday

 When things felt so bad

My life seemed in ruins…

I was broken…torn and sad

I softly cried and mourned

As I lay there in pain

My heart in pieces

I would never be the same

How could this happen…

Why didn’t I see?

Why did he do this…?

What is happening to me?

All alone in isolation

 My own self made jail

Unable to see any hope

 I was doomed to fail

He took away a part of me…

The purest of my self

And now there’s nothing left…

My heart upon a shelf

Then a sweet voice

Within the darkness came

And my fog was lifted

 And I rose above the shame

You did nothing wrong

 Said the voice just beyond my sight

I’m sorry that you are hurting…

But you will be alright

Sometimes things will happen

 And we may feel all alone

But remember you are loved by a God

 That you have always known

You were not being punished

 And although your pain is deep

Know that this is not a secret

 That you were meant to keep

You need to reach out to others

 And show them there is no shame

Show them their strength by sharing your heart…

So they may do the same

Help them rise above this cowardly act

 By shining light on the offense

Tear down walls…build bridges…

Line paths with common sense

The victor is not the one

 Who over powers women of our God

Victory is not found with the biggest fist

 Or with the sharpest rod

Success is found within those hearts

 That rise against the fall

And suddenly those very big

 Become instantly very small

He did not take your soul

 When he took those other things

And while he may be bold…

You are the one with wings

You speak of truth and love divine

 Above all shame and hate

You show how God instilled love

 In everything He creates

HE is the answer to all questions

 And when one dares ask why

They will know the answer by your humble smile…

The look in your eye

He may think he destroyed you

 With the angry act he did do

But that’s because he doesn’t know God

 And therefore he didn’t know you

Smile sweet angel with the knowledge

 That God will never leave your side

And know that judgment will come

 With every tear you cried

Fear not soft hearted woman…

For you are not alone

God sent me to remind you

 What you have always known

Spread this divine message

 Even through your despair

And once you reach heavens gates…

God will meet you there


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