Use Your Wings

Use Your Wings

If I could leave you with one thought

And one that you would hold dear

It would be that you are divinely loved

And know that God is near

Yes, even in your sorrow

And whilst in your pain

When you feel abandoned

And that only you remain

I would tell you of a place

That has no measure of the time

Where there is only love and beauty

A wonderland so sublime

It is where our Father waits for us

After our time here has lapsed

Where there’s no talk of bitterness

Or of all the things we lacked

It is where the angels sing and

We seem to understand the words

Like the bellow of the Blue Jay

And other of God’s birds

I will tell you also to please hold on

And hard as I know it may seem

You can persevere through it all

You’ve strength yet to be seen

Take care of the bruises and cuts

As you do know best

But leave the heart scarring to God

His love will do the rest

Get up everyday and remind yourself

Of your soul’s great worth

You’re created to be a queen

It was decided before your birth

These games of control he plays

Are only for mortal man

When he faces Our Maker

He will feel a heavy hand

I know the anguish you’ve endured

I too have known your tears

I once wanted to not wake up

To just not live in fear

I know what its like to hide

From the world and all that it contains

But we can not hide from God

One TRUTH which always remain

The right to oppress and to control

Was never part of your path

But life has a way of working out

And his time is ending fast

Never let the will of a man

Convince you that you are less

And while you feel you live in hell

I promise…you are blessed

For God is watching from upon high

And He asks only one thing

Be the graceful angel that you are

And start to use your wings


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