True Reality

True Reality

In my perfect world there

Would be only sunshine and rain

Rain to help things grow and sun

To make all things new again

There would never be a sign of war

And hate wouldn’t have evolved

There would have been no sign of drugs

And no need for gangs to be dissolved

Our streets they would be safe

For our children all the time

And I would watch over your children

As you watched over mine

There would be no need for debate

About ending a long war

And no reason to explain what

We were even fighting it for

No weapons of mass destruction

No threat of nuclear attack

No talk of man made supremacy

And what other groups may lack

There would have been no trail of tears

And slavery would only be in books

No segregated water fountains

And no disapproving looks

Women always could have voted

And we all started on even ground

We didn’t hold each other back

And no bias could be found

We all looked at one another as equals

As God has from the start

We didn’t try to kill each other with words

Or tear one another apart

There was no unlawful imprisonment

And the jails aren’t over run

We don’t have racial profiling

Be patient I’m almost done…

But like in your world…there is God

Whom we turn to as day is done

Whose will is as constant

As the rising and setting of the sun

And, so I wonder sometimes why

If we say we believe in Gods will

Why we are selling drugs to children

And becoming more violent still

We still make excuses for

Attacking our fellow man

Fighting over boundaries

Killing people over land

We still point a finger when

We think someone else is doing wrong

Yet turn a blind when it’s us

Different day…same song

I wonder if we will ever

Even want to get it right

And start seeing who we really are

And start using our clear sight

How many children will the world

Bury in one day

Because of wars their parents waged

Instead of letting kids just play

How many people will we hold back

From the path that God has set

For some selfish goal that we

Are certain must be met

I pray that there will come a day

That my perfect world will be

Nothing I had to dream of



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