Memories To Love

Memories To Love

How many lives must we lose

How many children gone too soon

Don’t text and drive it is the law

What a sad lesson to us all

Common sense or so one would think

But then again who would drive and drink

Gone to soon because a mistake was made

And too soon a body to rest was laid

So many tears…so many losses

Too many memorials of roadside crosses

If we learn nothing at all let it be this

Don’t let your child be the next one missed

For death is permanent it can’t be I’m “sorry’d” away

And while you are enjoying the moment…living for today

Don’t be irresponsible…think before you drive

It’s such a blessing to be alive

No message is so important that it can’t wait

We would rather you show up late

Then to watch your car on the news

And to watch your body being viewed

For funerals are sad enough the entire while

Without it being for a teenage child

Because the cell phone clinched in their hand

Became there smoking gun…their last stand

Don’t text and drive save the world a tear

Allow your mom and dad to enjoy you here

You are not invincible as you may think

And life can become shortened in a blink

So put your phone away or wait to leave

Because the loss of a child…cannot be conceived

Until God comes and carries you above

And we are left with only memories to love

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~~And please…do not text and drive~~


6 thoughts on “Memories To Love”

  1. agree…sad and true…and far too many are lost or cut down well before their prime for something that could very well wait…but this is what we have created in our in the moment kinda lives…

    1. I wrote this after reading about a young woman whose life was cut far too short while driving and texting on facebook. This moment could have waited…and now her loved ones are left with only memories. I think it is a wake up call to us all.
      Always glad to have your comments!!

      Peace and Blessings

  2. Strong, piece, and totally agree with the premise. People need to take more responsibility for their actions, and being responsible should help cut down on senseless accidents and loss. Kudos to you for bringing these important topics out in the open, great job. Read this over at your other blog and just as moving reading again. Thanks again

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment on the piece…it is much appreciated!! I pray that we can wake up and understand how very precious life really is.

      Peace to you

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