We hope that you all are enjoying our new look. We really wanted to fairly represent who we are, and although the previous beach scene…represented the location of the Sisters of Power Organization (St. Croix)…this new look definitely gives us fair representation. By the way, we want to thank the artists and photographers at as they do all of our blog art… we hope that you get to check them out also…be sure to mention sisters of power when you go there.

Representation…we all look for it, do we not? We would hardly go into a courtroom without having some representation…we want to be held up in the very brightest light. We all want some one to stand beside us and say they have our back…so to speak. We all need someone to say…they know who we are. The reason this picture is so important is because we do not want anyone to decide who we are, without us first getting the opportunity to clarify it, for ourselves. So today, I am hoping to fairly represent who and what we are.

We are from all walks of life…all races…all geographic locations. We represent all women…and if you are nodding and smiling when you read our pages…it only means that you may understand. We are not trying to further isolation; in fact, we are encouraging the empowerment of women…to show the world what they have been missing out on.

We are ALL given the two ingredients needed to succeed…hope and love. Now you might ask…what can I buy with hope and love? And I will happily tell you…the same thing you buy with bitterness and anger…the only difference being that God shines on hope and love. The miraculous thing about Our Father is that even when you don’t make Him a priority and sometimes walk away from Him. When you look for Him again…He will be right where you left Him…for God will never forsake His creation. His arms are always outstretched…just waiting for you to CHOOSE to do His will.

And yes, I have to tell you…you must choose it. You must willfully know that there is a larger purpose for you on this earth…and accept it. We must wake up to the path that is set for us…hold our heads high and march forward. This can be difficult, as human beings…not just as women…we can get caught up in our emotions. We can feel a sense of anger or bitterness and want to feed off of that. This is perfectly understandable…after all that is where darkness breeds. As long as we continue feeding the dark wolf of negativity…it will always be the victor in our lives. We must learn how to let go of the darkness…and remember if you are not holding on to it…it can’t survive. We are only a host for it to feed off of…it cares nothing about our soul or our heart. Only love and hope can ensure the growth of our mind, body and soul.

This is where our parents got the idea that being the bigger person…meant knowing when to walk away. It doesn’t mean that we don’t have cause to be angry…only that we do not have the RIGHT to be. Remember what I said earlier…we were created with two ingredients…only two…HOPE and LOVE. In neither of those elements can you find any negativity. So one can assume that anger, frustration, greed, indifference and hate…do not…must not come from our Creator.

We do in fact, reap what we sow…This again is what we CHOOSE. If we spend our time gossiping or slandering other people…we can hardly blame our children for becoming bullies in school. How can we punish our children for exhibiting hate towards others…when they learned this lesson, not from God who only creates hope and love…but from us?

This is a chain reaction…and for years we have been living in denial. God did not create negative situations…He allowed for us to experience situations that WE made negative. We CHOSE. We chose to not to forgive…which is a part of love…but to seek revenge. And revenge can feel so right…it gets our blood boiling…it can give us false energy. Plain and simple, my beloved ones, revenge…is hate. If you take any negative statement and replace the negativity with the word “hate”…you will see where this could not have come from God. For example…”He makes me so angry.” becomes…” He makes me hate.” “I am so aggravated with life.” Becomes…” I hate life.” Now we must ask…do you? Do you hate life…your children…your friends…your family…mankind? And if you do…does that mean that you hate Our Creator?

If God had given up on us…we would not be here. And who would have more right to be disgusted or annoyed and even worse…disappointed with us than God? Yet, He still has His arms outstretched for us…showing us the way home. Can’t we at least start trying to love one another? We have lost our way…all of us can fall short…which is why forgiveness is imperative. Of course we can not forgive the sins of others…those are not for us to judge. But given that statement, we must accept the fact that it is not our place to judge ANYONE. When we start judging and making assumptions about people…we are saying that we are in a position over anyone or anything else…and we simply are not.

And this brings me back to Sisters of Power…I am so thankful that you are so patient with me. We are about empowerment of all women…and in order to empower one another…we do not need to be angry or judge anyone who has attempted to hold us back. The travesty of misogyny is not that people said we were not good enough…no, the worst part is that somehow…we believed it too.

And now, we are ready to take back…what we allowed to be taken from us…our HUMANITY…our TRUE REPRESENTATION. Love one another…and stop tearing one another apart. The only REAL power comes from God…and HE says that all we need is hope and love…any questions?


4 thoughts on “Representation”

  1. I believe in choice. I believe there are some things we do not choose BUT that we must deal with in a responsible and knowledgeable way. This i can say, i am not indifferent … and i try my best to be part of the solution and not the ongoing problems …. peace 🙂 xoxo m

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