Genuine Blogger Award



Recently this blog was nominated for the Genuine Blogger’s award…by fellow blogger   Meliss is so kind for thinking of me in this regard…and I truly appreciate the honor. It is my opinion that writing about pain or struggles of any type can be extremely difficult…but acknowledging them is an important first step. I hope that you all get to enjoy Melissa’s blog. Thank you, Meliss.


Now my understanding from this award is that there really aren’t any rules or guidelines. I consider anyone a Genuine Blogger that speaks from their heart…

There are so many talented writers here that it is almost impossible to figure out who to choose…some of these bloggers are who I follow on my other blog…but they are so moving I had to include them here:  Thank you for showing me that writing can make the grief more bearable  Again…like the above blog…you helped me know that it’s okay to feel…regardless of what that feeling is  I love your candor your name says it all Thank you Joan…you are the strongest person I know

http://jamesdez.wordpress Michael…you are inspiring you are a blessing  I love your honesty  making lemonade out of lemons


Thank you all for the things you share…making it easy to share with you


Much peace to you all


9 thoughts on “Genuine Blogger Award”

  1. Congratulations. Many thanks of remembering me on this occasion. I really appreciate your kind gesture and kind words on me. Thank You once again. I have to decline because I received this award last year. Have a great time my friends. Best Regards. !!!

  2. Nice recommendations: I’ll check some of your folks out!

    Lord, i hope i’ve done more than take a first step in this recovery! Hopefully, my message is more hopeful than talking about the root of my disease. I hope you stop by and find something besides my moaning and complaining (;-).


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