From All We Come and To All We Return

**I wanted to share this piece with you…I, myself, did not write it…however someone that I love did. I think it is so relevant to the  life we are all living. Perhaps we should all take a closer look at what we value and who we REALLY are.

I wish you all Peace!!

From All we come and to All we return”


It is very interesting to me how important it is for us to identify someone else’s race, nationality or religion.  Nowhere else in nature are these factors so important among a species.  The Lions will either battle or commune.  In most cases they will battle first to establish the Alpha. After the battle they commune.  They may even battle again later.  This has everything to do with rank and nothing to do with race.  The same goes for primates, canines, etc.  For identity is already established.  The only thing left is order.


It still amazes me how very driven we are by our prejudices both negative and positive.  … How very easily we come to conclusions about others based on a look, a sound and even a smell.  What do any of these have to do with who a person is at the core?  Do you suppose that a raindrop on its journey from Heaven to Earth has time to ask the nearest drop “Where are you from?  What are you made up of?” or “What is it that you believe?”  It sounds silly doesn’t it?  Especially when there is only one answer… WATER.  They are from water and will return to water.  Do you suppose that if the other drop’s answers are not what the first drop expects, that he will not be welcome in whichever body of water they end up in?  Or will they all become one regardless?  Water does not have a choice in the matter and neither do we.  For regardless of what path we have taken we are here now.  Like it or not we share this planet as our home.  We use its resources the same way.  We breathe its air and drink its water.  We sustain ourselves from its bounty.  We really do have more in common than not.  Since we are more than 70% water, should we not take the example set by it?  The most important thing to water is water.  It will always seek out more water. So why don’t we do the same?  We all come from ONE and shall return to ONE.  Therefore we should seek ONENESS in ALL with the same LOVE that is ONE


Give Thanks!!


-Ever Evolving



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