One Condition

One Condition

Letting kids just be kids

It’s what most adults will say

When it comes to bullying

It’s not that serious anyway

Until one day on the news

Some children were shot

By a bullied student

And whether we believe it or not

The kids being kids in this case

Pushed someone too far

And when he lost control

He waged his own war

This was one sad example

A child took their last breath

And like it or not

Bullying led to this child’s death

But not all victims of ridicule

Or victims of school yard shame

Even report the problem

They aren’t even known by their name

Yet we laugh it off…once again

While another child plans in his room

How to put an end to their life

The only way out of their gloom

Still not our problem

Still not serious enough

Couldn’t happen to your child

Because he is so tough

Let children be children

Stop instilling the hate

Teach them how to be loving

Before it’s too late

I can imagine nothing worse

Than planning a funeral too soon

Instead of playing basketball with my child

In the afternoon

Our children are a product

Of the environment we create

We are raising lambs of God

Please do not wait

We were entrusted as parents

To teach our kids well

So they can teach their children

And the stories they can tell

Will not have to be about violence

About harassment or of rage

But about the lessons life teaches us

The world…their stage

Teach forgiveness to them

Re-enforce God’s position

That heaven waits for us all

And love…is the only condition

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18 thoughts on “One Condition”

      1. I can imagine it did. I know when the Virginia Tech Massacre happened…It felt like I couldn’t breathe.
        I truly believe if we started treated others more kindly…our world would be a much safer place

        Please stay safe

        I wish you peace

  1. Powerful, important … sad. Happens way too often. Thank you for sharing this. Love is the answer and we know that for sure … Beatles? xoox m

  2. It’s the adults, the parents who spread hatred.

    Thank you for this poem. My son, now 24, was severely injured in kindergarten, jaw broken and teeth knocked out….at 6. And again at 9…threatened with a knife to the neck…by third graders. We homeschooled our only child after that.

    I don’t know how children survive today.

    Lady Nyo

    1. Blessings Lady Nyo,

      I am so sorry your son had to go through those ordeals. You are 100% correct…We, as parents, must understand…just as we shine in our children’s accomplishments…we must take responsibility when they are exhibiting hate. It is our job to teach our children how to be loving beings. We live in such a violent time…and we will hear people talk about how it used to be…how do we think the change happend? We must love our world’s children more than we do…if any of us are to survive.

      I appreciate you taking the time to comment

      Peace and Blessings to you

  3. i have been waiting for someone to write on this incident…you know everyone will be looking at the shooter…and not what happened prior…bullying happens way to often and is often not handled by schools very well…even though they make the kids sign anti bullying statements…we went through it this year…but as you say love is the way…and what we must teach…

    1. Hi Brian!!

      As soon as I heard about this I just had to write about it. YOu are right, we need to see the whole picture. It was so sad that a child had to lose their life as a result of this…but it happens everyday. When we fail to teach our children how to love one another…we fail.

      Peace to you!!!

    1. You are absolutely right. We must not act as if responsible adults just became that on their own…they were guided down that path.
      Thank you so much for taking the time to not only read my message but for commenting, as well

      Peace and blessings upon you

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