Healing Thy Heart

Healing Thy Heart

    Often times, we are so busy keeping our eye on the prize…or goal…that we lose perspective. We might forget that just because we have set a certain goal for ourselves…that Our Creator may have other plans for us. Much of the time, I think that the prize isn’t actually getting to the top of the hill…but the paths of those we come across on our way up. We are supposed to touch other people. We were intended to help one another heal.

Just as we learn more in hardship than when things are going more smoothly; perhaps there is a deeper reason why we experience pain or anguish. We may think we have been running in place…but that is just because we have been doing it for so long…and in our minds we haven’t arrived at our destination. But what if I say to you that your own healing only occurs when you start helping others heal too? We may think that we could help others and not have had to go through these painful circumstances. But it is similar to trying to tell someone how to fly a plane…without ever having flown one ourselves.

We can feel like we are isolated. Whatever it is which is bearing on our hearts can cause us to feel like no one understands. Isn’t it funny how negatively charged energy can cause us to feel like we have been abandoned? But the truth is…you are NEVER alone. Our Creator is always with us…we are never left in the darkness. God always has a plan for us…and the end result will always bring us closer to Him. The feeling of isolation is intended to make us feel like our God is unloving…unconcerned. But that feeling is false; we are always loved by the Creator of all things.

We can call the negatively charged energy by many names depending on who you are speaking to…some will refer to it as the Devil, Satan, Iblis, or Shaytan…to name a few. But regardless of what we refer to it as…it can give us the deceptive impression that because we are dealing with some traumatic event…that our Creator has forsaken us. When we feel betrayed in this way…we can become angry and hurt.

There is always a higher purpose for us. When life gets too hard…God will always throw us a life raft…we only have to be open to it. Perhaps it is as simple as the kind words of a stranger…someone touching your shoulder…a kind smile; no matter what the safety device looked like…it was meant for you and it was not a coincidence. We have a designated path. Our path may seem impossible for us to get through…but we will. We have all known tragedy. We have experienced illness…abuse…death…destitution. If we lived to tell the story of those things…there was a specific reason for it. Do not miss the benefit of the experience…I promise you it was allowed to happen for a reason…look for it.

How do we know how bright the dawn is? Only because we were allowed to experience the darkness; it is total balancement. We can all walk around in darkness and until someone lights a match…we may be in denial about it. We can get used to abuse; we can be convinced that it is normal…which is why we are surrounded by other living beings. This is why we are supposed to look out for one another…to show each other the way out of the darkness. Abuse, of any kind, is inexcusable. I, myself have suffered with it, as well. But the only thing that got me through it was the knowledge that I may be able to talk to someone who feels like it is hopeless. And I am here to tell you…there is always hope; even if you cannot see it yet. Please don’t suffer in silence; your abuser is cowardly…or they wouldn’t hide in the shadows. Children of God are not supposed to be abused, mutilated, maimed or degraded…by anyone. No is no.

Shine light…as often as possible, guide one another out of the shadows…remind one another that it is okay to be afraid. Life is a series of events and some of them are not pleasant, but they all have a reason behind them.

Don’t mistake kindness for weakness…we are only able to endure travesties because we were strong beyond measure. Don’t measure strength by muscle mass. Our souls are equipped with a survival mechanism. And when you feel that your heart is broken beyond repair…remember The Great Healer is only a prayer away. I wish you all peace.


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