Consider This

Consider This

In a world of indifference

In a world constantly at war

Consider living in peace

And striving for more

Consider our neighbors who are starving

Watch as they are dying every day

And consider becoming more involved

Before you sit on your knees to pray

Consider a world with more freedom

Consider another’s point of view

And while you are pointing a finger at them

Know that God is watching you too

Consider how it would feel to be battered

Made to be a spectacle in your own home

Consider what it’s like living in fear

So bad that you always feel alone

Consider what it’s like to be homeless

With no hope in sight

Losing the sight of your dreams

What would you think about at night

Consider being prosecuted for your religion

Even if you are always seeking peace

Imagine not remembering when

You last had water to drink

Consider not only having no cable

Or cellular phone

But having no bed…no roof over you

No place to call home

Imagine carrying a sign saying

I will work for food

While people laugh or worse ignore

Leaving you feeling misunderstood

Consider the real strength that it takes

To live in that way

And imagine right now

It could be you one day

Consider being a child beaten or neglected

And watching adults around you observe

Imagine how that would make you feel

Like it’s a life you somehow deserve

Consider loving one another

As if it was the natural thing

And putting aside our anger

And material things

Consider every time you did something

You received a divine nod

And you wouldn’t have to worry

When you came to face God

Consider setting aside your differences

And seeking justice for those souls

Who cannot do for themselves

No matter what their goals

Imagine someone looking down on you

And without a second look

Deciding you were unworthy

A common criminal …a crook

Consider how our behavior can

Lift up our fellow man

Or tear down his hopes

Imagine taking a stand

Consider that you have only one chance

To really get things right

Before getting judged by our Creator

Imagine it is…tonight


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