I Will

I Will

I will not give up today

No matter what transpires

My soul will march forward

Even when my body begins to tire

I will smile at Gods creation

Even if it doesn’t smile back

I will count all of my blessings

While the world tells me what I lack

I will keep on walking forward

While there are obstacles in my way

And when man says there is no hope

I will still continue to pray

I will look for the good in all

Whilst people acknowledge only the bad

And although you may want me to sit

I will continue making a stand

I will keep erecting bridges

Where people are torn apart

And even as you may think its over

I will tell you its barely begun to start

I will construct a chain of hope

Where some may break a link

I will smile and continue on my path

Before you get a chance to blink

I will smile in adversity

While staring at your fist

I will sing the praises of our Father

And the angels in our midst

I will love always my neighbor

While he may swear in my face

You may take my possessions

But never my Creator’s Grace

I will get back up and start over

Every time I do fall

I will be reminded of the tests

Which are placed on us all

I will talk about my Father

Hallowed be thy name

And while you may try my faith

The outcome is the same

I will ask God for forgiveness

Father they know not what they do

For while you may cast stones upon me

I will always pray for you

I will continue to spread joy

While man displays his hate

And I will submit to God’s will

And pray that before it’s too late

That you will see the light

Because the darkness tends to hide

The beauty you were born from

And the love you have inside

I will fail from time to time

As only real people do

But I will never give up on God’s will

How about you?


14 thoughts on “I Will”

  1. Beautiful. Strength. You WILL NEVER give up. I know for sure. Thank you for reminding the rest of us to push through it and enjoy the beauty that is so freely given. Your blessings are well received today .xoxoxoxo m

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