Walk Together

Walk Together

Not sure when it started

Or who said it first

That woman is less

Words intended to hurt

Even worse than the intention

Than that statement tries to do

Is the fact that at some point

We started believing it too

Less than a man…

Half of his mind

We made less than a contribution

To the rise of mankind

Getting paid less than half

Of the same employers wage

Not good enough to be viewed the same

But let’s turn a page

Only the strength of a woman

Regardless of the sentiment of her worth

Is powerful enough to endure

The pressure of birth

And if we are so much weaker

Than our male counter parts

Why does he look for us to hold him up

Like his mother from the start

When he needs a shoulder

To make him feel whole

Why does he seek a wife

Or some female role

We were created to be caring

Made to be strong

And the myth of our weakness

Has gone on too long

So stop comparing my deeds

With what you may call power

Realize the same pain of a thorn

Reveals a beautiful flower

Learn to uphold all women

As God would have it be

And find the boldness of a mountain

The depth of the sea

And one day you will realize

The time that you wasted

On comparing your value

With what God also created

Smile now my brother

We do not want war

Just for you to remember

What we were brought here for

Let’s walk together

And hold each others hand

You will never need to know my lion

When I can be your lamb

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14 thoughts on “Walk Together”

  1. I am with you about woman’s value and her role in the family and in society. In my side of the world, we are lucky to have this freedom, but not in other cultures and country…Cheers to you~

    1. Thank you for commenting. I agree the boundaries that man sets definitely set us apart. Not at all, how I feel it was supposed to be. There is no inferiority or superiority at all. We were all created from love and never suppose to super impose our beliefs or ideals on anyone or anything else

      Much Peace to you

  2. i think we were made to complement each other…we each have our strengths and much to learn from each other….and it is so sad that we believed that lie…and lived it….these are some of my fav lines…Realize the same pain of a thorn

    Reveals a beautiful flower

    1. Hi Brian,

      Thank you for commenting. I don’t know when we started believing that lie or why we started believing it. But its a new day and we can start appreciating one another right now..and wash away all of the ill feelings from yesterday.

      Peace to you

  3. Men have helped woman turn on woman through the ages. We have to reverse that. Hold together. Up with consciousness – Betty Frieden’s cry still has to be sung. If we are to get what we deserve, we need to know, love, support, and reinforce one another. That way is fairness and equality regardless of the roles we choose or the path we tread. Right on, sister!

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