Our Limit is the Sky

Our Limit is the Sky


Shouts made in anger

Threats creating fear

Made to be so much worse

When said by someone dear

His words tend to cut

Into the very heart of you

Were there good times…yes

But in comparison…very few

He needs to make you feel

Less than the woman that you are

But not what God wanted for you

As he peers down from the stars

You may want to give up

Just throw up your hands

But I’m telling you not to

Find strength…make a stand

His words while hurtful

Are still not true

He has yet to know

The real woman…which is you

The sad people who hurt us

Trying to cause us pain

Only bring out our inner warrior

Where only light remains

We cannot be defeated

By their negative tone

Because one fact remains true

You are not alone

Any effort which he has made

To break your tender heart

Is only made fruitless by

He who created us from the start

No matter what effects man

Chooses to impose

God knows the path which

Turns a seed into a rose

He knows what is best

For His children one and all

He gives us courage to walk

When we think we can only crawl

Stand up my dear sister

Hold your head high

For our Father walks with you

And while its okay to cry

Know that when your tears

Have dried in the light of His love

You will soar like God’s angels

On the wings of a snowy dove

You have strength and power

Not yet even tapped

It matters not where you have been

Only where you are at

And you are at the feet of God

He will help you rise

For when we submit to His will

Our limit is the sky


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