Dear Me

Dear Me,

   I decided to write you today to remind you of a few things…in case no one told you lately and so you can tell others, as well.

   First of all, smile. Smiling can brighten your day and may cause others to smile too. If you give it a moment of thought, you can find a world of reasons to smile; but let’s start out simple. Smile because God allowed you to wake up today…He gave you another opportunity to spread His joy…not everyone received it. Smile because today is another day that you will choose to love and spread peace instead of choosing the darkness and negativity those others may radiate.

   Laugh. When things get tough today, laugh it off. Blink past your tears, and rest your soul in the knowledge that your laughter will wash away the bitterness that people tend to emit toward others.

  Forgive someone today. You have to believe that they did not realize the callousness that they exhibited would hurt you so much.

  Always remember that it is okay to love even those who walk in darkness. Just remember that not everyone has your best interest at heart…but don’t let them dim your light. Jealousy, envy and greed can touch anyone; don’t you remember back when you needed forgiveness?

   Be gracious…none of us are perfect. Just know who your real friends are…smiling…hold your head high…and move on. Negativity has no place in your life. Finally…love who pleases your heart.

  Don’t worry about what other people think or believe or want…as long as you love with Gods pure light…then you are doing His will. Not everyone will understand love on that level; all you can do is pray for those people.


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