Empowerment…when this word is “googled” it has many definitions, so before we go much further…perhaps I should offer my definition, and explanation of the word.

 Empowerment of women…does not mean I want anything given to me; I am perfectly capable and willing to earn my own way. But it does mean that once I have achieved it, I expect acknowledgement…nothing in life is free…and my spirit is not for sale. Don’t make special rules for me; simply because I am a woman…the fact that I am female is my strength…not my weakness. Just because I was created with the ability to give birth, does not mean that is all I should do. But before I bypass that statement, allow me to say this…being a mother is a very rewarding choice…and those of us that excel at it…deserve applause.

 Empowerment is not a handout…it’s a way of saying; watch me grow, encourage my strength, admire my vigor…love my swag…and encompass my morals and virtuous ways of life. Embrace me, know that I realize the things I desire are not easy to accomplish…but that won’t stop me from working towards that goal.

 I do not ask for your respect…I demand it. An admiration of my outer self is always appreciated…but take the time to look beyond what is open for public consumption. I have something to say…and it is founded and grounded based on facts and personal experiences. Stop spending so much time trying to dispute my validity and sit quietly…and listen.

 There is nothing greater than our Creator…but always remember HE chose women to carry a fetus and give birth. You must acknowledge the thought of that…how strong a woman’s, mind, body, and spirit must be in order to give birth.

 As women we must never forget how far we have come already…and set attainable goals for the near and distant future. Remember not so long ago, women wished they could vote in this country. Now we have women who are law enforcement officers, lawyers, judges, authors, artists, well renowned poets…look at how far we have come. And we have gotten this far because a woman stepped forward and went against the grain.

 We only need to put one foot in front of the other…and with determination we will be making the advances that are needed to empower us into the next millennium.

 Let us stop holding ourselves back, giving excuses why we can’t succeed. No one can take anything from you that you do not give up freely.

 Remember to live, laugh and love…always remembering smiles can be found in the most unexpected places.


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